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3 min readFeb 16, 2021

After in-depth research, Sky Ventures anticipated the future potential of Casper labs and invested in Casper labs.

The main problems developers face during smart contract development are existing tools for development are still very basic, the programming languages and the virtual machines still have several limitations, performance problems are hard to handle under resource-constrained running environment, and online resources (including advanced/updated documents and community support) are still limited.


Casper labs is the world’s most advanced proof of stake (POS) smart contract platform and allows any language to write smart contracts that compile to Wasm(Web Assembly).

Casper Lab’s vision is to implement a new permissionless, decentralized, public blockchain that allows any developer to write smart contracts with any language compiled to Wasm.

Why Proof of Stake?

Bitcoin, the first decentralized blockchain, uses the POW(Proof of Work) mechanism to incentivize participation and secure the network. The main disadvantage of POW is its waste of energy, which is practically not good for the environment. As POW computers perform massive computational work, additional security is used, which leads to enormous electricity consumption. Another disadvantage of POW is that it provides adequate security only if many miners compete for block rewards. If the network is smaller, it is prone to hackers and could gain most of its computational power. In contrast, POS provides the same security level and penalizes any misbehavior by slashing security deposits.

Progress Of Caper labs:

They have introduced Cargo Casper labs for developers to use seamless workflow and testing their smart contracts.

Introduced Highway Consensus Protocol into Casper POS to discourage Cartel formation.

Casper integrated with leading oracle project, Chainlink to secure and reliably access data for all applications built on the Casper network.

Casper labs support to build Defi applications with the highest security and predictable gas fee (a main drawback of Ethereum).

Trail of Bits has completed an audit of Caspers Highway protocol.

Metis built MVP on Ethereum Network and found themselves hindered by Gas costs and Network Latency. Metis is a layer two open framework for the creation, management, and scale of DAC’s.

HeraSoft is a ransomware-proof solution (RPSTM) that helps organizations be more secure, function faster, and far less expensively than any traditional centralized enterprise cloud solution available today. HeraSoft partnered with Casper to migrate its Hercules platform from Ethereum to the Casper network through Caspiler.

To bring Global adoption, Casper partnered with China’s Blockchain-based service network(BSN).

They are integrated with Plasmapay to enable retail access to Casper token through fiat ramps, Wallet infrastructure, and Chain integration.

Caper Labs Fundraising Details :

Casper Lab’s early adopters

Casper Labs raised USD 14M led by Global,, Consensus Capital, Cluster Capital, HashKey Capital, AU21 Capital, Block change Ventures, GSR, QCP/QSN, RockTree Capital, Stake. Fish, Chain Capital, Sora Capital, Wavemaker, Ropart Asset Management, Waterdrip Capital, AGE Fund, Woodstock Fund, Oasis Capital, and dozens of other funds and individuals.

Casper Labs Launch Details:

The Casper public network and token sale will launch in Q1 2021.

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