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Sky Ventures
3 min readMay 21, 2021


Sky Ventures recently invested in Bsc Launch. We want to discuss the reasons behind our investment.

BSCLaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity.

Why Launchpad Platforms are popular:

There are few reasons why launchpads gained immense value. Launchpads raise was significantly less before launch as the last step before coin listing for few whitelisted investors. Less raise leads to no or less dump of tokens, and scarcity of tokens on the market leads to rising of immense value in the price of a coin. It leads small and average investors to gain high value within a short period and provides access early to invest. More than 70+ projects participated in various launchpad platforms over the last quarter. We will witness many projects choose this option as most of the investors prefer launchpad platforms.

BSClaunch is a protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital on a decentralized environment and the community to invest with peace of mind, freedom, and equal opportunity.

There are various use-cases associated with BSC Launch, such as B-Launch, B-Insurance, B-Tool, B-Farm, B-Swap, B-NFT.


There are many projects in the crypto space, yet only a few have real use cases that bring value to the investors. B-Launch was created to get the broader community the highest quality, safest, most transparent, and highest potential projects. The B-Launch team has contacts with top VCs and advisors, and only after internal reviewing projects will be launched on B-Launch. Investors will be able to participate in high-value projects and create opportunities to invest in earlier stages, almost impossible for retail investors.


Most of the projects after a successful fundraise fail to achieve the targets mentioned earlier. After fundraising on Bsclaunch, a portion of funds are locked in the Liquidity pool, and the project can access those funds later based on their performance. It is a way to ensure investors do not get rekt by investing in a failed project.


B-Tool is built to trace and crawl the rawest data of all address fields, transaction schools. With the density of raw data up to 3000 addresses/s, 2500 transactions/s, B-Tool continuously crawls the transactions and updates market information immediately.

B-Tool provides advanced analysis tools with a wealth of market information right on the screen for investors to spot investment opportunities.


B-Farm is a profit optimization tool that allows profit aggregation for token holders and users. It allows yield farmers to gain better opportunities to participate in the upcoming IDOs.

B-Farm also encourages investors to invest long-term by providing passive income opportunities.


It allows the investors to swap tokens immediately after IDO. It also provides top pairs to swap and also enables cross-chain token swap.

B-Swap automatically bans a contract if there is an indication of the same name or the lack of the sign of the verified contract on the 3rd party review platforms.


It allows creating unique non-fungible tokens with real art and limited supply, thus creating demand.

Features of B-NFT

  • Submit Listing own NFT
  • Submit request contractization for NFT asset
  • Setup buy now NFT price and conditions
  • Setup auction NFT asset condition
  • Establishes the starting price for the auction
  • Transferring digital assets when performing exchanges and purchases on smart contracts
  • Use NFT assets as qualification for the IDO whitelist.


A total of 100 million supply is minted at the genesis and is used for various purposes.


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